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Client Testimonials

My wife and I have known Red Shaw personally, - and as our Financial Advisor. - for more than a dozen years. During this time our relationship has developed from respect for his personal abilities to friendship and trust.

Client Testimonials

"RJS Financial Ltd has looked after my financial and pension investments for over twenty years. Red has always provided a professional, responsive and helpful service and given sound advice to guide me through maze of changes to the pension system that have taken place in the recent years. I am in semi retirement at the moment and will be approaching full retirement in the next few years, and through his advice and guidance, thankfully I am in a good financial position to enjoy it."


Red has an excellent knowledge of all things financial, and has helped me to organise my financial affairs by making efforts to fully understand my goals and aspirations, regarding my pension. I felt I had really good fair and unbiased advice and am very happy with the increased earnings I am making after taking his advice.

Fees are fully explained and I felt that a professional service was offered.


Red Shaw has been our financial adviser for many years. During this time he has offered us both sound and appropriate advise to meet our needs. He is very thorough in all the advise he gives and we would not hesitate to recommend him.


RJS Financial (Red Shaw) has managed our personal finances for over 15 years during which time Reds continuous advices have seen our savings and pension funds maintain a level of growth well in excess of the average market trend. We are indebted to Red for his advice, diligence and ever watchful eye on all aspects of our financial affairs and trust that his continued support will assist in the long term successful growth of our personal finances.


I first visited Red at his Brynmawr office in January 2002, upon my retirement and wanted advice on savings and investments. On our first meeting we thoroughly discussed my requirements and the type of investment that best suited me. Because of the recession, I have needed to visit him at regular intervals to amend various plans to protect my investments and improve the returns where possible. Whenever I have met him, our discussions have been very thorough and open, always ready to listen to my ideas, and advise me if I was wrong, and each time his humour and friendly approach has made me feel very much at ease. At the end of 2009, I received a letter informing me that he had set up a new business at Abergavenny, this now meant that I had to travel 8 miles further to see him, but because of the good advice and his friendly personality, I did not hesitate in doing so.


My wife and I have known Red Shaw personally, - and as our Financial Advisor. - for more than a dozen years. During this time our relationship has developed from respect for his personal abilities to friendship and trust - based on an appreciation of Red's scrupulous respect for his responsibilities to his clients and his administrative flair . We have been impressed by his highly ethical approach to these responsibilities.

The above, we believe, describes the essence of good Financial Advisory service; when combined with a strong sense of humour this can be considered a 'bonus'.

JR and O M D

We just wanted to thank you for protecting our savings from the worst of the recession over the past few years.


Red Shaw has been my Financial Adviser since he first became independent, some fifteen years or so ago. During this period I have found Red to be thorough and incisive, and time has proved his advice to be appropriate and well judged. Red has always taken time to clearly identify my financial goals, and encouraged me to consider the consequences on other aspects of my financial position before proposing any strategy or product to achieve my aims.

The quality of Red's advice gave me the confidence a long time ago to recommend him to family and friends, and I know they are more than satisfied with the service he has provided, particularly his pro-active guidance to maximise their opportunities when necessary.


I was introduced to Red about five years ago, (2005 ) as a retired company director I needed help and advise regarding a company pension my late husband had set up for me. Red has consistently offered sound and appropriate financial advice listening to my needs and circumstances. I can now plan for my future knowing my investments are being closely monitored by Red.


We have received excellent advice from Red over the past 15 years and would not hesitate in recommending him to advise you on all your financial needs. 


I must confess that I possess what amounts in the modern world to an almost criminally negligent attitude to money matters - of course such matters matter; but whenever Moneybox Live comes on, I either turn over or nod off.

So I've been delighted to be able to delegate to Red responsibility for the management of our savings. He, despite exceedingly choppy waters, has successfully navigated the frail craft of our pensions, steering clear of the sharks of exploitative commerce without it being sucked down into the whirlpool of negligent bankers.

Whereas I would just snooze in the crow's nest, he scans the financial horizons, adjusting course to take the fullest advantage of whatever slight breeze there may be, so ensuring we continue to make some headway towards a prosperous retirement.



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